Digital Content Strategy

A content marketing strategy isn’t just about your digital content.Digital Content strategy informs content creation. So, before you create any content,Choose the type of content you will create and Plan how you will reach your audience.

The first thing to get right when working with multiple languages on a website is making sure the language is identified in the code of the page. Next,you will need to choose the primary language for your pages. This is the language the majority of your content is written in. For example if your page is predominantly written in English then your primary language should be set as English. Once the primary language of your pages has been chosen, you will need to find the language code which corresponds to that language.

Content inventory lists each piece of content across all of your channels.The content audit takes your inventory a step further and analyzes which content is working (and which isn’t) so you can create more of what works. The audit may surface patterns that lead to opportunities.

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