Pay-per-click is a marketing technique which uses search engine to advertise and generate the clicks for your website. Advertisement for your website usually posted in the search engine and when an user enters the website through clicking the advertisement,website have to pay the particular amount to the search engine.

Advertisements with attractive content will help you get clicked and attract customers towards your business. There are certain strategies and setup needed to get the desired result. Technologyspices digital marketing company in coimbatore.

PPC Strategy Development

With the help of social media and a advertisement retargeting platform available in the market, the Pay-per-click for your business can be developed. This will increase the number of visitor to your website.

PPC Research

PPC can be optimized through the keywords. The keywords can be generated by employing keyword generator or keyword tool. Once the combination of keyword is found, you shall start setting the PPC campaigns.

Campaign Setup

Setting up a campaign for PPC, will enchance the advertisement and earn more customers to the business. Important aspects of setting up a campaign includes adgroup,keywords,adtext and landing page.

Turnkey PPC Campaigns

Turnkey PPC Campaign involves setting up an PPC account,getting keyword for PPC, creating an advertisement to suit your business. Managing the bids and budget for the PPC campaigns.

PPC Optimization

PPC optimization lies in developing the keywords which has high click-through rate,concentrating on adgroup,number of ads in the adgroup and constantly changing the adtext.

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