SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimiztion. SEO is the process of tuning the content of the web pages, to list the website at the top when the searches are made through search engines.Search engines follow certain algorithms to choose the website while displaying them for the searches made by the web user. Keywords are choosen for performing the search engine optimization. Technologyspices seo digital marketing company in coimbatore.


Pay-per-click is a marketing technique which uses search engine to advertise and generate the clicks for your website. Advertisement for your website usually posted in the search engine and when an user enters the website through clicking the advertisement,website have to pay the particular amount to the search engine.Advertisements with attractive content will help you get clicked and attract customers towards your business. There are certain strategies and setup needed to get the desired result. Technologyspices digital marketing company in coimbatore.


SEO audit is a standard procedure which gives the website owner an idea about the overall performance of the website and individual pages,traffic of the website. Audit also gives you an insight of how website is performing and what needs to be done for the ranking.


SEO consulting is the process by which the consultant provide the particular about the techniques and ideas to used in Search engine optimization. SEO consultant may have better perspective of perfoming SEO for the particular business.

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