Technical SEO

Technical SEO exlcudes keyword research and content. It starts from the foundation and create a chance for the search engines to crawl through the website content, displaying the website while it is being searched. Technical SEO creates a chance through the constraints like website speed, device friendlyness and site architecture.

Technical SEO covers two aspects:
1. Off-Page - It deals primarily with URLs or the external links from the relevant website or authorized links. Based on the external authorized links the website will receive the ranking points.
2. On-Page - It deals with the content of the website and how well the data and markup is structured.

The time taken by the webpage to load itself matters in the ranking of the site, so the website should be optimized by keeping the layout simple,limiting the size of the images in the webpage and also limiting the number of redirects. A well organized website will make use of
robot.txt file
well structured URL and
a sitemap.

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