Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the place where you host your website,bring it to live thus make it available via internet. Based on the web service provider capabilities they provide special pack to the user. User may also need to check the capacity of the web service provider before choosing their service.

There are lot of website hosting companies available, they share their web server space to host your website. The web space provided to the website owner may be shared server or dedicated server. Choosing the capacity of the web server is important for a website with heavy pages as it need good RAM capacity to render or run the pages quickly.

Websites with simple html pages(have images and text) can ask for shared server hosting as they available for low cost. Websites that run heavy pages with images and video or the website which attract lot of web users at a particular time will have to look for a dedicated server. The dedicated servers are considered to be safe,secured and renders the page and content much faster than the websites run on shared web servers.

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